A taste of YANA 0318

It’s a time of revolution in the world of video as the industry moves to IP networking to create, move, deliver, and view video. The video world and its traditional standards groups are now dependent on standards from
organizations like W3C and the IETF, with whom they’ve traditionally had very little interaction. Likewise, open source projects and Internet groups like W3C, the IETF, and engineering forums, and Internet providers are finding themselves facing new requirements from video that they don’t always fully appreciate or understand the importance of. Both sides often make assumptions and are frustrated when the other doesn’t get it.

Communication and understanding is, of course, the solution to such situations, but there are only so many weeks in a year and so many different venues where the work goes on that it¹s impossible for anyone to be engaged everywhere all the time. YANA is an attempt at helping with this situation. YANA attendees have been invited from a broad cross-section of the video and Internet technology world in an effort through a one day workshop to begin building connections and understanding across the video and IP network worlds.

Although this first YANA workshop is being held just before the IETF meetings in London in March, care has been taken to invite people involved in a much broader range of projects and organizations from across the video and Internet ecosystems. YANA0318 will have people who participate in W3C, SMTPE, CTA, MPEG and SVA,to name a few.  While naturally there will be IETF attendees, attention was put into keeping it balanced. The goal is to help foster  communication, connections, and even a community across silos and SDOs.

YANA is not your traditional death by powerpoint event.

In the spirit of the great hallway conversations that happen at other events, the YANA workshop format is structured to encourage open interaction, sharing, and discussion. Like those great hallway conversations there are no topic bounds to stay within, everyone attending YANA is encouraged to go where the conversation takes them.

The YANA workshop will be loosely structured to get conversation started, and it will be up to the participants in the room, from there. In addition to the speakers shown in the agenda each section will have time built in or ad hoc flash talks and plenty of free and open discussion. Each section will have a leader whose job will be to incite discussion. So
bring your ideas, projects, and opinions and YANA will give you a place to share them.

Finally, YANA will be producing a write of the day to help capture the spirit of the room, ideas that the group comes up with, and suggestions for making communication and understanding between the many silos that make up video and Internet.