YANA 0318 — Proceedings Available

The YANA 0318 meeting in London brought together nearly 50 experts from across the range of industry creating, delivering and otherwise supporting video on the net.  Not only an interesting meeting, with excellent presentations by contributing experts, YANA 0318 provided an opportunity for cross-industry discussions and relationship building.

The day-long event featured discussion of modern networked video technologies, raising awareness of issues and progress in each others’ areas of the industry, showcasing new technology developments, and building important connections for onward work.

Participants represented diverse corners of the IP video industry:

  • Content developers
  • Content providers
  • Digital & Broadcast Network operators
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Researchers

The full agenda (with available presentation material) is available from the Proceedings page, as is the public report from the meeting.

One clear takeaway from the meeting was that there is interest in and appetite for future get togethers, so stay tuned for updates.