Video Interest at IETF meetings

There are a lot of people who are doing video-related work, with and to Internet protocols at the IETF. Nonetheless, many people are not aware of each other’s efforts, if for no other reason than that the work winds up in different Areas — transport, security, art, and even routing.

Starting from the “Glass to Glass Internet Ecosystem” proposal BoFs and get togethers, we’ve been hosting informal “video interest group” (VIG) meetings during IETF weeks to bring people together so that there is greater awareness — of each other, of the work that’s being done.  Our hope is that will help both the work being done, and the IETF as a whole. It can be pretty daunting to try to get one particular thing done in the IETF, and knowing that there are others interested in the outcome can be helpful. Also, the more we can raise awareness of general video interests at the IETF, the more likely the IETF is to recognize the need to address them.

Listed below are the relevant get togethers we’ve had at IETF meetings over the past few years.

Video meetingIETFDate# AttendeesMeeting NotesComment
Video Interest GroupIETF 104 (Prague)Mar 201920VIG at IETF 104 notesAgenda and available presentations are here:
Video Interest GroupIETF 103 (Bangkok)Nov 201816VIG at IETF 103 notesInterest in the room to formalize the group
Video Interest GroupIETF 102 (Montreal)Jul 201819VIG at IETF 102 notes
Video Interest GroupIETF 101 (London)Mar 201819No notes published
Video Content Handling side meetingIETF 100 (Singapore)Nov 201716IETF 100 notes
Streaming Video bar bofIETF 99 (Prague)Jul 201720IETF 99 notesAdvertised the session less broadly than IETF 98
Streaming Video bar bofIETF 98 (Chicago)Mar 201762IETF 98 notesBroadly advertised the session and had standing room only in the available room (estimated more than 70 actually attended)
GGIE at DISPATCH WGIETF 96 (Berlin)Jul 2016GGIE at IETF 96 DISPATCH WGDISPATCH WG attendees largely in favour of IETF doing work on GGIE, in multiple areas
GGIE Bar BoFIETF 94 (Yokohama)Nov 201514GGIE bar bof IETF 94