Working with IP networking & technology for the efficient development, distribution and delivery of video content? You Are Not Alone.

New ideas for creating, delivering, and consuming video content often leverage and repurpose existing standards while cutting across traditional standards organization boundaries and leaving proponents feeling isolated and unheard. Meanwhile traditional standards organizations can be limited to developing standards within the boundaries defined by their scopes, and they may not even be aware of the ways their work is being used and extended, or of the unique needs of these new adopters.

The purpose of YANA 318 is to bring together people working on a variety of Internet-based video projects/standards/products to share ideas, find common ground and, if useful, make common cause. Come share your work, your ideas, and your challenges at YANA 318 on Friday March 16 in London ahead of IETF101.   The meeting will be hosted at the  BBC Research and Development Centre House office in London (http://www.bbc.co.uk/rd) .

Part 1:

Projects and Running Code — current Internet video projects including open source projects (what standards and SDOs do you depend on, what gaps are you dealing with?)

Part 2:

Drawing board – what’s on the near and far horizon, what are the enabling pieces to get there? Let’s capture an overall architecture or framework view. Are there areas of common interest that will benefit for collaboration? Let’s find them. Are there standards and organizations you are working with or extending? What needs are you discovering that could be new work for standards groups?

YANA 0318 was held in London on March 16, 2018 immediately before IETF 101.

Discussion will necessarily be high level, given the one-day nature of the workshop. Relevant topics include: Core and Edge Caching, Fog networks, Video transport, Video routing, network operations practices for video handling, SDI to IP migration, DASH, Streaming, Content Creation, Network Scaling, HTTP video, QUIC video, home caching, Open Source, IP networking, media & entertainment, internet video, standards development, IPv6, QAM to IP conversion

Registered workshop participants can view the participants list and detailed agenda.

Although the YANA 0318 meeting is done, it is not over!  Agenda, presentation materials, and a brief report are available on our public Proceedings page.